at800. Our role is simple.

To make sure viewers who rely onnew_freeview_logo_2015for TV continue to receive it when 4G services arrive in their area.

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We were set up under Government direction to ensure viewers who rely on Freeview for TV can continue to receive it, or are offered a suitable alternative, when 4G mobile services at 800 MHz are activated in their area.

Could this affect you?

Digital TV and 4G mobile services both use parts of the radio spectrum – that is bands of frequencies – to send signals. The 800 MHz frequencies used by some 4G services are next to frequencies used for Freeview. There’s a small chance this can cause interference to Freeview. We identify homes at risk of experiencing interference and send a postcard letting them know we can help.

Satellite and cable services will not be affected.


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at800. Our role is simple.

To make sure you can still watch Freeview when new 4G services arrive in your area.

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