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28.09.18 in Everything

at800 to trial new, more timely, communication to TV viewers

For the duration of the at800 programme we’ve aimed to let viewers know in advance when masts near their homes may disrupt TV received through an aerial. We have done this by sending postcards to addresses that we predict could be at risk of interference.


One of the challenges with this approach is that many masts can be delayed in activating and actually come on a long time later, and our postcard with contact information may have been forgotten or recycled. In addition, some recipients can think existing reception problems are related to mobile signals, when no nearby mast has been switched on.


Alongside this approach we have also been reminding people that they may contact us for support if further masts have switched on that could increase chances of interference at their address. This reminder communication – after interference could have occurred – has been more effective in weeding out cases of genuine issues with TV reception related to 4G.


Our experience is that people pay more attention to communication if they are already experiencing issues with their reception and contact us for help.


Therefore, starting from 1 October 2018, we will only communicate with homes after masts have activated. So, from that date, if you receive a new at800 postcard and have noticed new TV interference there is a better chance it could be due to 4G interference caused by a new mast activation in your area.


Receiving a card will now also mean that, depending on your mobile operator, 4G coverage in your area has improved.


Our focus is always on delivering excellent customer service and providing the best support for viewers. Please contact us on 0808 13 13 800 if you have noticed new Freeview interference to see how we may help.

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