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11.12.17 in Everything

Five ways your Freeview Christmas viewing could be interrupted

Friends and family

Greeting friends and family during the Christmas holidays can cause unavoidable levels of commotion and means you have to leave the sofa! And why is it they always arrive when the real drama starts to happen in the EastEnders Christmas special?



Rudolf landing on your aerial

Not only does Santa’s right-hand reindeer have the responsibility of keeping all gifts intact, equally as important is avoiding sleigh and aerial collision. Birds landing or nesting on aerials have been known to cause Freeview interference, but we’ve yet to hear about reindeer related issues!



Winter weather

Winter is here, and it doesn’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. In high winds or rain, TV signal may be affected as your aerial moves around in the wind. Those wet December leaves can also weaken the signal.



The family scrooge

There’s always one. That family member who just doesn’t do Christmas, can’t stand Christmas jumpers and refuses to watch Elf for the tenth time. Beware of the seasonal scrooges who can be the biggest barrier between you and your festive viewing.



Christmas lights

It’s unlikely your Christmas tree lights will cause TV interference but other mains-powered household devices could cause you to miss the Queen’s speech. To identify if an electrical device is causing disruption, try switching off the device.


If it’s not seasonal distractions and it isn’t down to the weather, your Freeview interference might be caused by 4G. Find out more here.

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