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26.03.19 in Everything

Spring has sprung

It’s official, it’s spring. The daylight hours are longer and it’s starting to feel warmer. The sound of birds singing, the smell of freshly cut grass and the sight of vibrant daffodils and tulips, are just a few marvellous spring rituals that make this season feel like the start of nature’s grand awakening.

Spring signals the time for hibernating animals to come out of their winter sleep. Having slowed down their body processes during winter to conserve energy, food is back in supply for hedgehogs and bats and it’s time to get up for something to eat!

Warm spring days also entice queen bumblebees to come out from their underground hibernation sites and buzz around in search of flowers to gain energy and to find suitable places to nest.

Blossom is also another sure sign that spring has arrived. Dense clusters of white and pink blooming flowers, whether on hawthorn, blackthorn or fruiting trees, make a stunning, if short lived, spectacle.

Trees and shrubs bursting with new life, carpets of bluebells, magnificent magnolia’s and vibrant azaleas – spring has definitely arrived.

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