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03.11.20 in Everything

Stir Up Sunday

We have a rich and diverse culture of traditions and customs that are celebrated throughout the year. These include events such as Halloween and bonfire night, and while some are based on folklore, legend and superstitions, we have a few that are, quite frankly, just a little bizarre. But we wouldn’t want it any other way.

One special event that takes place in November is Stir Up Sunday. This year it falls on 22 November. Dating back to Victorian times, Stir Up Sunday is the day to prepare the Christmas pudding. Traditionally, families gather together on this last Sunday before Advent, and take a turn in stirring the mixture, making a wish as they do so. 

Sometimes known as figgy or plum pudding, Christmas pudding is thought to have been introduced to Britain by Prince Albert, consort of Queen Victoria, although some historians think a version of the pudding was actually introduced from Germany by George I in 1714.

The pudding usually includes dried fruit, prunes and dates, candied peel, and mixed spice although earlier recipes show it would have included meat. Silver coins are sometimes added to the mixture (only if it’s home made though) and, if you are lucky enough to find one on Christmas Day, it’s said you will enjoy health, wealth and happiness in the coming year. 

Stirring your pudding or making wishes won’t cause TV interference but there is a small chance it may be due to 4G signals. We’re here to help – contact us on 0808 13 13 800 (free from UK landlines and mobiles).

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