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31.07.17 in Lighter side

Too sunny, too rainy – how the British summer could cause Freeview interference

For a large part of this summer we’ve had surprisingly hot weather and clear blue skies, but while we’ve been enjoying the sunshine, did you know that high pressure weather can cause interference to Freeview?

Too sunny?

When we’re blessed with clear skies and soaring temperatures the high pressure that brings this weather can also affect Freeview signals.

Usually, a signal from a television transmitter can only be received by those homes that have aerials with a direct line-of-sight to the transmitter. On a warm summer day however, the hot air can get trapped under colder air high up, creating a layer which acts like a mirror for television signals, reflecting them back towards Earth. This can cause signals from different transmitters to overlap and result in Freeview interference.

Too rainy?

But the rain is never far away on our island. While we might enjoy lounging in front of the telly during bad weather, your TV signal could be affected by strong winds, unruly tree branches, wet leaves or flying debris – none of which are your aerial’s best friend.

We hope you have a great summer! From the BBQ’s to the beaches and a clear Freeview signal.

Weather is not the only cause of TV interference. More information can be found here. And, if you do experience Freeview interference which might be due to 4G, we’re here to help.

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