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13.02.20 in Everything

This year we can enjoy 366 days of TV!

29 February 2020 is a leap year – that’s an extra day in this year’s calendar.

A leap year occurs every four years and by adding an extra day, it keeps our calendar aligned with the astronomical seasons. Every year the calendar is out of sync by 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 45 seconds. Without leap days, after 100 years the difference would be 25 days!

Why is it called a ‘leap year’? A fixed date in the Gregorian calendar normally advances one day of the week from one year to the next. However, the day of the week in the 12 months following the leap day will advance two days due to the extra day. It’s likely the name came from this “leaping over” one of the days in the week. For example, if your birthday is on 1 December and it fell on a Friday in 2019, in 2020 it will leap over Saturday to fall on a Sunday.

Are you a ‘leapling’? Babies born on leap day are called ‘leaplings’. Doesn’t seem fair to celebrate your birthday only every four years!

And what of folklore? Leap Day was also known as “Ladies Day” or “Ladies’ Privilege,” as it was the one day when women were free to propose to men.

We’re happy to have an extra day! If you decide to spend the extra time watching your favourite TV programmes and notice new TV interference – there’s a small chance it may be due to 4G signals. We’re here to help – contact us on 0808 13 13 800 (free from UK landlines and mobiles).

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