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My TV signal is weak or lost. Is this being caused by 4G?

4G may cause TV interference including the loss of signal. However, the ‘no signal’ message can appear for a variety of non-4G related reasons. It is typically related to signal routing issues or even too much signal.

‘No signal’ can often appear when there is a digital TV recorder (DTR) or other set top box (STB) connected but powered down or on standby, therefore, when you switch on your TV, it cannot receive the signals from the aerial that is first connected to the switched off DTR or STB. These units need to be powered up to pass on the output aerial signal to the TV.

Having too much signal, can also result in the ‘No signal’ message. Aerial systems which are unnecessarily amplified, show the same symptoms as too little signal. Some TV tuners can be overloaded with signals and then display no signal before shutting down to standby.

If you have a second TV in the house which has its own aerial and you get a good picture, the loss of signal on your main TV may be due to problems with your aerial. We have more information about this and other possible causes of interference here.

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