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Why might this affect my TV?

Freeview, TV received through an aerial, and 4G mobile services both use parts of the radio spectrum – bands of frequencies – to send signals. The 800 MHz frequencies used by some 4G services are next to frequencies used for Freeview. There’s a small chance that some TV systems could receive these 800 MHz mobile signals which may cause interference to Freeview.

If you notice new Freeview interference please contact us for help.

Before summer 2013, mobile services in the UK could use spectrum at 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz, 2100 MHz, 2.6 GHz, 3.5GHz. 4G is now being activated at a new frequency: 800 MHz.

This 800 MHz frequency has been made available by the move from analogue to digital television. TV previously used frequencies from 470 MHz to 862 MHz. Now television stops at 790 MHz and new 4G mobile services are being provided that operate between 791 MHz and 862 MHz.

Since the digital switchover, channels 61 to 69 have been reserved for 4G mobile signals. This 4G network is currently rolling out across the country.




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