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Support for local authorities



We write to households, businesses, hospitals, care homes*, schools and universities when 4G services are launched in their area.

If you are responsible for properties with a shared aerial, you may need to get a communal filter fitted to the aerial to enable viewers in all of the properties it serves to continue receiving and watching Freeview as normal.

The lease, tenancy agreement or title deeds (in Scotland) will provide details about the rights, role and responsibilities of the owner, tenant or property manager of a flat or apartment, and the provision of TV services within the block and to a property.

Communal filters

Some organisations may have specific TV provision, for example, internet protocol TV (IPTV) for delivering TV and broadband, or outsourced patient bedhead TV and phone services. They may also have ancillary buildings and properties, such as staff facilities, classrooms or residential housing where TV is delivered through an individual or communal aerial. In either case, if new TV interference is reported, we can help.

If you have been advised of new interference to Freeview, you should contact us and register the details of the property or properties you manage. You should also provide us with the contact details – including an email address – of your aerial contactor.

We will provide a free communal filter – to you or your aerial contractor – which should be fitted to the communal aerial system. Filters may also need to be fitted on the aerial cable behind the TV or set-top box. Your aerial contractor should be able to advise what is required; we can also provide technical advice. We can provide domestic filters for the residents to fit themselves.

Commercial or business properties

If you use a satellite master antenna system (SMATV) service to provide TV services and are not dependent on free to air signals via an aerial, it is unlikely you will be affected.

These systems may be maintained by an external contractor who should be able to resolve any problems.

*We write to the care home manager and not individual residents.