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Support for property managers and landlords


We write to homes, organisations, businesses and local authorities when 4G services are launched in their area.

Viewers living in communal properties with a shared aerial, who receive an at800 postcard and notice new interference to their Freeview service, are asked to contact us. We will also ask them to report the issue to you and ask them to provide us with your contact details.

If you are responsible for properties with communal aerials, and have been advised by your tenants of new interference to Freeview, you should contact us and register the details of the property or properties you manage.

We will provide a free communal filter – to you or your aerial contractor – which should be fitted to the communal aerial system and will enable viewers in all of the properties it serves to continue receiving and watching Freeview as normal.

In most cases, a simple filter installed between the aerial and the distribution amplifier in a communal TV system will restore Freeview. We can also provide domestic filters for the residents to fit themselves if required.

What if the filter doesn’t solve the issue?

If the communal and/or the domestic filter cannot fix the problem, and an acceptable level of TV reception is not restored, then contact us. We can provide additional support and technical expertise. There is no charge for this service.

We can send an engineer to meet with your aerial contractor on site to check the filter has been fitted properly and is working correctly; provide advice on how to improve TV reception and make recommendations about a different platform if needed.

We are not obliged to cover costs incurred by contractors for the fitting of communal filters. In certain cases, we may offer to assist with the installation of a communal filter.

You are responsible for commercial or business properties

If you use a satellite master antenna system (SMATV) service to provide TV services, you are not usually dependent on free to air signals via an aerial, and unlikely to be affected.

As many of these systems are maintained by an external contractor, they should be able to resolve any problems.