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Support for viewers with a shared aerial



If you are not responsible for your TV aerial (because this is the responsibility of your landlord or property manager or you live in a care home for example), have received a postcard from us and experience new interference to Freeview, you should contact us.

We will ask you to report the issue to your landlord, property manager, factor or residents’ association and to provide us with their contact details. The lease, tenancy agreement or title deeds (in Scotland) will provide details about the rights, role and responsibilities of the owner, tenant or property manager of a flat or apartment, and the provision of TV services within the block and to a property.

What happens next?

We will assess whether the interference to Freeview might be due to 4G at 800 MHz; for example we will check whether a new mobile mast has recently been activated in your area.

We will aim to contact whoever you tell us is responsible for your communal aerial so we can arrange to provide the appropriate communal or domestic filters, free of charge. We can also provide household filters for residents if necessary.

If your landlord or property manager has a contracted aerial engineer, we can deliver the filters direct to them. For those without a contracted aerial engineer, or if the contracted engineer needs some help, we can provide technical advice/assistance. In certain cases, at800 may be able to assist with the installation of a communal filter.

If the interference to Freeview is due to 4G at 800 MHz, then the communal filter fitted to the communal aerial system will enable viewers in all of the properties it serves to continue receiving and watching Freeview as normal.