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Outdoor filters

at800 has a range of approved channel 59 and channel 60 filters supplied by different manufacturers and built to a dedicated at800 specification.

All models have been tested and approved by DTG Testing – the UK’s principal digital TV equipment test-house. Only these models are licensed to carry the at800 logo and are recommended for addressing prospective 4G interference at 800 MHz.

Channel 59 variants are designed for use where received Freeview TV multiplexes all use any UHF frequencies below UHF channel 60. Where any Freeview multiplex uses UHF channel 60, then channel 60 filters are used.

For both UHF channel 59 and channel 60 classifications, there are various filters in the range designed for specific indoor, outdoor and communal system situations.

All our indoor filters carry conventional Belling Lee coax connectors allowing viewers to easily fit these themselves behind their TV equipment. These products are designed to be used exclusively for indoor situations.

All our outdoor and communal filters are designed and tested for outdoor use where adverse weather conditions can occur. Unlike other available outdoor products for which a plastic protective cover is needed, our outdoor filters are hermetically sealed to be air and water tight under the IEC60529 International Standard IP Code (for International Protection Rating, sometimes also interpreted as Ingress Protection Rating).

All of our outdoor and communal filter models carry f-type connecEXT60HERMETICtors.

The image shows an at800 outdoor filter with half of the casing removed to show the sealed edges that lend to the air and watertight protection.

The outdoor filters are IP67 sealed when the f-type connections are correctly mated. They are dust tight and provide complete protection against contact (from tiny fingers, sharp objects, etc). They are also protected against immersion in water to a depth between 15 cm and one meter.

As added protection, at800 engineers apply the industry standard self-amalgamating tape to bind the filter and connectors to shield against outdoor conditions. Self-amalgamating tape differs to conventional insulating tape. It’s designed to be stretched to twice its length and rolled together to form a putty-like permanent bond.

Engineers may also use dedicated f-type connector plugs as waterproofed variants.

All our engineers are trained to follow at800 operational processes and we continually monitor their performance through independent auditors. We welcome feedback on the above practices not being followed, when supported by clear photographic or video based evidence. Measures will be taken to prevent any ongoing malpractice.

Whereas our indoor (coax/Belling Lee based) consumer filters should not be used outdoors, our outdoor models can be used indoors. For example, some viewers have f-type connector based wiring in their homes or want a filter to be screwed to the skirting or back of a cabinet to provide a more robust/permanent fixing.