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Get the best out of the summer sports season – without leaving your living room

Summer is a special time for all sports fans, with some exciting events like Wimbledon, F1 racing and cricket keeping us glued to our TV screens.

Sporting events provide a great opportunity to invite your family and friends over.  Here are some tips on how to make the most of this and throw a summer sports party – in your living room.

Tennis – white shorts optional


Wimbledon is one of the nation’s best-loved sporting events, getting us Brits cheering whether it’s for love or game.

Apart from making sure that all party guests have a good view of the telly, adding a few classic touches can really help to set the right atmosphere:

Strawberries and cream – fresh strawberries are a Wimbledon must, and should be served with lashings of delicious cream.

Sweat bands – cheering for your favourite player can get quite nerve-racking sometimes, so make sure you provide your guests with a suitable range of sweat bands. This is also a fun way to inject some tennis fever even into those who’re not hardened fans – yet!

Formula 1 – ready, steady – BINGO!

giphy (1)

Fans of the Grand Prix will be familiar with the fact that certain phrases are repeated in almost every race, so get your whole family excited about motor racing by playing F1 bingo. If you’re a seasoned Formula 1 fan you can create your own, or, why not download a fun version here.

Who will be the first one to shout, “It’s hammer time, Lewis”?

Cricket – cook-off challenge 

giphy (2)

Watching a long game of cricket can be quite a feat, so why not challenge your friends to an international cook-off?

Simply assign each of your guests a different cricketing country, and ask them to bring a dish for everyone to enjoy while watching the game in your living room.

This is a fun way to introduce your family and friends to international cricket and new foods, and a fantastic way to keep your guests entertained throughout the day!

Finally, make sure any party you hold isn’t spoiled by TV disruption – if you notice any new Freeview issues that might be due to 4G at 800 MHz, let us know!

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