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As Great British Bake Off returns, we are savouring the show’s best moments

Mary and Paul are back this month as the latest series of the Great British Bake Off hits our screens. It’s one of Freeview’s hottest shows and as the nation gets ready to beat, knead and avoid soggy bottoms, we take a look back at some of the most memorable, and unfortunate, baking moments to date…

The great custard theft

In 2013, presenters Mel and Sue turned detectives as Howard’s custard was discovered to be missing. The mystery was solved as his fellow baker and fridge-sharer, Deborah, realised that she had taken his by mistake and already used most of it in her trifle. Howard was livid and was left with no option but to use his rival contestant’s crème anglaise. All’s well that ends well though, as karma weighed in, and Deborah was eliminated from the show that week.






The leaning tower of biscuit

Frances Quinn, eventual winner of series four, was left aghast as Mel’s attempt at measuring her tower of biscuits went disastrously wrong. The challenge was to make a 30cm high biscuit bake and just as Frances was preparing her tower for judging, Mel’s ham fisted measurement approach toppled the tower. Mel made up for it by becoming a human cake stand and holding the biscuits in place until they could be judged.

Mistaking salt for sugar

It’s a classic kitchen blunder. John Whaite’s rum babas left Mary and Paul with a distinctly bitter taste after he mistakenly added salt instead of sugar to the popular 1970s treat. John only realised the mix-up once his bake was placed in front of the judges. Luckily, his mistake was forgiven and he went on to win the third series of the programme.

Too floral tastes

Norman Calder was perhaps one of the Bake Off’s most loveable contestants and him teaching Sue the semaphore code for ‘bake’ was a great highlight of last year’s series. His downfall came in week five after choosing to make a lavender meringue for his ‘Pieffel Tower’. Overusing the floral taste most commonly associated with a bathroom soap left Mary less than content, commenting, ‘I’ve never had lavender in meringue and I don’t think I ever want it again’.










The Baked Alaska ‘bin-cident’

#Bingate is now legendary. When contestant Iain Watters found his Baked Alaska had been removed from the freezer and resembled more of a melting ice-cap, he decided not to present his bake to the judges. Instead he opted to throw it all in the bin and walk out of the tent! Stirring up a Twitter storm, the incident caused mass outrage and ultimately ended unhappily for Iain who was promptly dismissed from the show.

Make sure you don’t miss out on any of this year’s baking disasters and triumphs – and if you notice any new Freeview issues during the show and you think that it might be due to 4G at 800 MHz, let us know!

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