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National Poetry Day

4G services are rolling out across the land,

For mobiles they’re great, but TV viewers may need a hand,

Because digital TV and mobile signals sometimes clash,

They bump into each other and may cause your Freeview to crash

“Will this affect me?” You cry! “Do I need to worry?”

“Is this going to ruin my TV night in with a curry?”

“What about granny?” You shout “She loves her TV!”

“How will she catch up on I’m a Celebrity?!”

There is a very small chance this might affect you…

In fact, across the UK, it’s been an issue for only a few,

But help’s available, so please do not worry,

at800 was set up to stop your TV going blurry

You’ll hear about us first with a postcard on your mat,

Info, next steps and facts – it’ll tell you all that,

So, if your screen turns blocky or you have no picture at all

You should pick up your phone and give us a call

We’ll send an engineer who’ll examine and see,

If you need a special filter put on the back of your TV

Sometimes the problem’s bigger and it’ll need a bit more work,

But either way they’ll fix it – so the issue won’t irk

When they are done, you will possess

A full TV signal – in ten days or less

So if you see Freeview problems, call at800

It’s free to phone and your Freeview’s days aren’t numbered

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