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Social Media Policy

Our social media accounts are managed by our marketing and communications, and service and support teams.

Our accounts are not monitored 24/7 but the team will actively monitor our social media accounts during our contact centre opening hours.

We aim to reply as quickly as possible to individual posts during the following hours of operation:

  • Monday to Friday: 09:00 – 17:00
  • Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays: closed

What to expect

Other than responses to customer issues, if you follow us, you can expect the following content from us:

  • Helpful content explaining what 4G at 800 MHz is and how we can help if you notice new interference to Freeview

Our social media accounts

We operate the following sanctioned accounts:

  • @at800tv is our official Twitter account
  • is our official Facebook account
  • is our official YouTube Channel
  • is our official LinkedIn page

Our comment policy

We want to encourage an honest and forthright but polite and respectful conversation on our social media channels. To help make that happen, please bear in mind the following:

  • Don’t write anything discriminatory, racist, abusive, obscene, inflammatory, or unlawful
  • Don’t write anything defamatory, misleading or fake news
  • Don’t use copyrighted material without the owner’s permission
  • Don’t use this forum for self-promotion or commercial gain
  • Don’t post personal contact information, such as postcodes or mobile phone numbers, publicly on our channels. Instead, send these privately via the channel’s private messaging function. If personal contact information is posted publicly on our channels we will remove or hide the post to protect the poster’s privacy
  • To maintain a safe and welcoming environment for others, we may ask users to stop sending tweets or posting comments that break these rules, and may report patterns of disruptive activity or block users where we deem it necessary. Remember that tweets, posts and videos from at800 are written by at800 staff, who are people too.

Replies, direct messages, private messages, and following

If a query is asked in a public forum on any social platform it will be answered in this way unless contact information is needed, in which case direct or private messages will take the conversation into a private scenario.

If you follow us on Twitter we will not automatically follow you back. If you have a customer service query it may be necessary for you to follow at800 and for at800 to follow you back in order to provide contact information and to keep this information private.

We will not follow you back on Facebook or YouTube.