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Freeview disruption? at800 is here to help.

4G at 800 MHz is a new service that is being rolled out across the UK by the mobile network operators. While 4G brings us some great benefits, there is also a very small chance that the signals could disrupt Freeview, the UK’s most watched digital TV service. Disruption to Freeview includes blocky looking pictures and loss of sound. Disruption could also be loss of some or all of your TV channels; viewer, Miss Lynn Eagleton who lives in Tyne and Wear, experienced just that.

“I lost of all of my ITV channels”, she told us. “I tried to retune but this didn’t work. I remembered receiving a postcard from at800 which explained that this might happen so I called them and they helped me fix the problem”.

at800 identify homes at risk of experiencing disruption to their Freeview service from 4G signals. We send those homes a postcard explaining the issue and letting them know how we can help.

“Thankfully I had kept the card – I was about to throw it away!”, said Miss Eagleton. “I contacted at800 and they were really helpful. I was told the issue could be 4G related and they sent me a filter which arrived the next day.  I was nervous about fitting it because I’m not technical, however, the instructions were very clear and it was very easy to fit”.

Did the filter restore Miss Eagleton’s ITV channels?

“Yes, once I had retuned my TV, the ITV channels reappeared”, said Miss Eagleton.  “When I called at800 they did advise that if the filter didn’t fix the problem then to call back. Luckily it worked so there was no need.”

“The filter is free, the service is free, what more could you ask for?” said Miss Eagleton.

If you have received a postcard and notice new disruption to Freeview please contact us.

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