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Viewers rate TV interference support excellent

In the last 12 months, 9 out of ten people using at800’s TV disruption support service as ‘excellent throughout the whole process’. We ask Freeview viewers to complete a satisfaction survey after an at800 engineer has visited their property which provides us with feedback on the level of service they have received.

at800’s chief executive officer, Ben Roome, said, “We never forget that Freeview continues to be the most used media platform in the UK – ahead of satellite cable and online for TV as well as other types of media such as print and radio. It is a huge part of daily life in 20 million households across the country, with 11 million households relying on it for their TV. We focus on resolving problems as quickly as possible and know from our survey results that customer satisfaction is high.”

at800 has made over 15,000 engineer visits to individual households. In less than half of these visits, 4G at 800 MHz could be contributing to interference. When 4G could be a contributory factor, and viewers are reliant on Freeview for TV, we always resolve any disruption.

We continuously review and adjust our approach based on technical expertise and the experience our engineers and auditors gather from visiting viewers’ properties. This knowledge ensures we can continue to provide an excellent service to viewers.

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