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Useful guides

We have a number of guides for viewers, property managers, local authorities and landlords, providing information about what to do if you notice new interference to Freeview.

Information Guides

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  • Experiencing disruption to Freeview? See the most common causes of disruption and solutions to address them.

  • This short video will show you how to fit your at800 filter.

  • If you are responsible for properties with communal aerials, and have been advised by your tenants of new disruption to Freeview services, here’s how we can help.

  • We can provide you with a free communal aerial to fit to your properties that are experiencing disruption to their Freeview. Find out more.

  • If you are not responsible for your TV aerial, this guide will advise what you should do if you notice disruption to Freeview.

  • If you have an indoor or set-top aerial for your TV and experience disruption to Freeview, this guide will help you to identify and resolve these issues where possible.

  • Support for viewers who may need a little extra help. Find out more here.

  • You may have read a lot about 4G and how it might affect your Freeview TV service. Here are 8 facts about the 4G roll-out.

  • Do you need a channel 59 or channel 60 filter? Our 4G filters buying guide will help you understand which one you need.

  • Want to find out more about frequencies? Click here to understand more about the electromagnetic spectrum.